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Kids are soft

Kids are soft

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Introducing "Kids Are Soft," a thought-provoking quote painting that challenges conventional notions of resilience and the power of a mother's love. This captivating artwork, created by the talented artist Corin in Barcelona, serves as a provocative statement, suggesting that tough love and a mother's support can help one overcome challenges and build inner strength.

Using the Uni Posca technique, Corin skillfully brings this quote to life with precise lines and vibrant colors. The artwork is meticulously crafted on the highest quality 100% cotton paper, ensuring exceptional durability and preserving its powerful message.

Measuring 76 x 56 cm (29.5 x 21.6 in), this art piece is a striking addition to any space, sparking conversations about the complex nature of parenting, resilience, and the influence of love and support. It challenges societal perceptions and encourages contemplation on the importance of nurturing and guiding children through difficult experiences.

When you acquire this art piece, Corin will personally paint a new version that closely resembles the one depicted, adding an authentic touch to your collection. The artwork will be signed by the artist, making it a truly unique and cherished item.

Challenge the conventional with "Kids Are Soft" by Corin. Let this provocative quote painting serve as a reminder of the strength that comes from a mother's love and the ability to overcome adversity.


100% cotton paper

Certificate of Authenticity

The artwork is personally signed by the artist Corin and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.


Artworks are dispatched within 2 working days from Barcelona, Spain.

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