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This artwork by Corin is a visually engaging piece that uses black Posca paint to create a labyrinthine design filled with complexity and symbolism.

The maze, painted on a multicolored background, draws the viewer into a visual puzzle that is both abstract and structured. Amid the twisting paths, occasional pops of color and symbolic elements such as the word "love" and a heart shape offer points of connection and meaning. Corin’s use of the maze motif around a concealed center invites reflection on the journey one must undertake to reach the core of understanding or emotion. The overall effect is one of depth and intrigue, challenging the viewer to look beyond the surface and navigate the rich tapestry of lines and shapes.

Preview before shipment

After your painting is purchased, Corin will create a version of it and communicate you pictures and/or videos.

You will be able to see your painting before it is shipped. The painting will be shipped only after you confirm you like it.


Your painting : 150 x 100 cm / 59 x 39 inches

How to frame your art?

Once you receive your art:

I. We recommend framing your art in a frame with measurements of 85 x 127 cm / 33.5 x 50 in.

II. Must do: Add a background to your painting with a white passe-partout of 7 cm / 2.7 inches width.

III. Luxury frames trick: Create a floating effect with a thick frame of 4 cm / 1.5 inches and a hidden platform of 64 x 104 cm / 25 x 41 inches where your painting will stand on.


Large canvas

Certificate of Authenticity

The artwork is personally signed by the artist Corin and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.


Your shipping costs will be calculated at check-out once you entered your delivery address.

We anticipate your art will be with you in the next 2-4 weeks.

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