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Purifying Rose Coco

This PURIFYING ROSE + COCO soap is 100% natural and vegan. It purifies and reveals all types of skins, displaying a delicate hand picked roses scent. What’s in it? Mediterranean roses petals, Coconut oil and Olive oil. What’s not in it? Parabens, synthetic fragrance, lauryl sulfates, phthalates nor anything from formaldehyde.

Secret properties of Olive oil soaps have been celebrated by Cleopatra, Greeks and Romans: they are truly miracle beauty products that
exfoliate, cleanse, energise and reveal. To make it fantastic, we added for you a dose of Coconut oil, a naturally derived anti inflammatory. This rich foaming soap is the perfect gift for teenage and/or adult young man and woman exploring: facial mask treatments, skin detox, acne treatments,
healthy and smooth skins, sanitiser, face, hand, body wash, personal care and cosmetics more focused on nourishing, refreshing, protecting, cleaning, cleansing, moisturising and rejuvenating all types of skins.

Pour filtered water on your hands and massage your face in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Gently move the soap around your hands and work a fluffy foam. Delicately apply on your ski and rinse with cold water.



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