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This BIKE HANGER was designed and hand made to be super easy to install and to hold on your lovely bike like a rock! What’s in it? West Europe pin wood (hand made by our artisans in Spain). What’s not in it? Plastic (nor weeks of polluting transport from Asia).

Bike hangers are an amazing way to bring environmentally-friendly in one’s garage / bike organiser set. It is the perfect gift for teenage and/or adult young man and woman who want decorative home accessories, bike holders. With all the thought and planning that goes into creating the perfect home, bringing your bike in the set should be done the right way This premium wall hanger item will make you look organised amongst your wall hook, bike storage / rack, garage shelves and vehicle covers.

Pick your favourite wall and firmly fix your BIKE HANGER on the wall. We recommend watching YouTube videos, search « place a bike holder on the wall”. Once installed, set your bike nicely.



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