📦 How does it work? 60 hours of orange trees fragrance. Once finished, poke a hole in your candle’s ceramic and pour your gardening kit (Organic seeds of Capuxina plants: red & orange flowers). In 10 days your plant appears!

📦 Your Capuxina seeds only need 3 spoons of water a week, preferably grown indoor.

What’s in it?  Natural soy wax, ecological essential Oils, gardening Kit (organic seeds + Soil)

What’s not in it? Paraffin, bleach, GMO, anything chemical or unnatural.

🌳 Kg Co2 Offset : 16

🌳 Shipping: Your Co2 production is calculated and compensated by Maison Cactus planting trees in Barcelona’s forests.

Origines : Made in Barcelona


Your 60 hours vegan candle was hand-made in Barcelona with the highest quality of soy wax and essential oils. Its green scent will magically transport you to the Mediterranean orange fields in an instant… and once your candle finished, you will turn it into a plant!

Candle instructions: We recommend to always slow burn your wax (no more than 1 hour at a time) to take full advantage of your essential oils. That is why we designed a wick capable of low flames and turning off by itself after 35-45 minutes (the first 5-10 utilisations). DO NOT leave your candle alone (ever) and make sure to read the safety instruction available on https://candles.org/

Gardening instructions: Once 2 cm of wax are left in your candle, clean its bottom with hot water and turn it upside down. With a pen, firmly poke through the central bottom hole of the ceramic. Now pour your organic seeds + soil, add 3 spoons of water and a little sunshine. In 10 days, a beautiful plant appears!


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