Organic Candles


A candle that turns into a plant thanks to a dummy proof Gardening Kit. Vegan, Hand-poured, 60 Hours candle with Organic seeds to grow.

What’s in it?  Soy wax, Organic Essential Oils, Organic Gardening Kit (Seeds + Soil)

What’s not in it? Paraffin, bleach, GMO, anything chemical or unnatural.

Kg Co2 Offset : 16

Origines : Made in Barcelona


Once all the wax melted, clean the pot and poke a hole through the ceramic. Build up a light nest of soil (air should be able to go through) and plant your seed. Place your pot near or directly by a natural sun light source. Water every 3 days with 2 spoons only.

Our your vegan hand-poured ORGANIC CANDLE is the perfect gift for teenage, woman or man looking for medium to large environmentally-friendly candles. With its ceramic holder, this candle will create the perfect mood in your home for a relaxing and peaceful moment. Its orange scent will delicately perfume your house whilst creating a pleasant ambiance. Plant lovers, will enjoy watching their seeds growing. It an amazing and natural way to observe life and its natural rhythms at home.


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