DOOR STOPPER - 2 units


Handmade door stoppers with cotton ropes to catch with your toes (set of 2 units).

What’s in it ? Wood

What’s not in it ? Plastic

Kg Co2 Offset : 1.5

Origines : Made in Barcelona


Place gently under the door to prevent it from moving.

Our set of 2 DOOR STOPPER is the perfect gift for teenage, man and woman looking for elegant and ecological home accessories. This wooden item is the most effective and green solution to stop your door, as it is quick and easy to operate either with your hand or foot. The premium quality of our West Europe pine wood guarantees that there are no risk of scuffing your floor.

We believe that providing you with ply wood eco tools can make a change, substituing many plastic products sold. #NoMorePlastic #GoodByePlastic


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