COASTERS - 6 units


Place these coasters under your glass. Set of 6 handmade coasters shaped as bee wax to avoid sticking to the glass.

What’s in it ? Wood

What’s not in it ? Plastic

Kg Co2 Offset : 1.5

Origines : Made in Barcelona


Place your coasters under each drink and protect all furnitures.

It is the perfect gift for teenage and/or adult young man and woman who want decorative home accessories, ring holders, set of 6.

Creating the perfect drink at home also means caring for what goes under it. This under glass item will make you look organised while offering coffee mugs, wine glass, vegan and natural beers and drinks of any kinds. Elegant and green, they will combine perfectly with the organisers of your home and kitchen.

We believe that providing you with ply wood eco tools can make a change, substituing many plastic products sold. #NoMorePlastic #GoodByePlastic


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