Handmade Bike Holder. Designed to hold your baby, resting vertically on the ground (screws and plastic anchors not furnished, 2 holes needed).

What’s in it ? Wood

What’s not in it ? Plastic

🌳 Kg Co2 Offset : 1.5

🌳 Shipping: Your Co2 production is calculated and compensated by Maison Cactus planting trees in Barcelona’s forests.

Origines : Made in Barcelona


Pick a sturdy wall and firmly fix your BIKE HANGER to it. We recommend watching YouTube videos, searching “place a bike holder on the wall”. Once installed, set your bike nicely.

Our handmade wooden BIKE HANGER is the perfect gift for teenage, man and woman looking for decorative and elegant home accessories. Creating the perfect home means also caring for the small details, and organizing where you keep your bike should be done the right way. Elegant and green, this premium wall hanger item will make you look organised comparing to other bike storage or rack.

We believe that providing you with ply wood eco tools can make a change, substituing many plastic products sold. #NoMorePlastic #GoodByePlastic

What’s in it? West Europe pin wood (hand made by our artisans in Spain). THAT’S IT

What’s not in it? Plastic (nor weeks of polluting transport from Asia). NO WAY.

Kg Co2 Offset : 1.5

Origines : Made in Barcelona, Catalunya


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