ALMONDS OIL – 50ml Cold Pressed



Perfect for body, faces, hair, beard, and tattoos. This oil is produced from Ecological Agriculture and pressed from almonds seeds.

What’s in it ? Cold Pressed Almonds oil.

What’s not in it ? Paraben, synthetic fragrance, conservatives

🌳 Kg Co2 Offset : 3.5

🌳 Shipping: Your Co2 production is calculated and compensated by Maison Cactus planting trees in Barcelona’s forests.

Origines : Made in Manlleu, Barcelona


Pour a few drops of oil and gently heat between the palm of your hands, and apply evenly on your face or body. You can mix it with aloe vera gel, and/or essential oils, to enhance the hydrating effect. It is also an ideal base to create massaging oils and nourishing skincares. Our 100% pure and vegan cold-pressed SWEET ALMONDS oil is the perfect gift for teenage, man and woman looking for premium hydrating and nourishing vegetal oil.


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