Each order we ship, commits us to planting a new tree in our forests. We are a positive Co2 Footprint company providing you with premium ethical products (designed and) made in Barcelona.

Our business plan is simple: we manufacture in Barcelona and sell in Europe. We calculate the annual Co2 emissions of our business and plant trees to outmatch our Co2 balance.

Your products are handmade by experts artisans in Barcelona. So proud of our (Catalan) suppliers!

Introducing Josep, whom produced our ORGANIC CANDLES. The Graupera family produces premium ceramic and terracotta for more than 68 years and employs more than 30 experts. We carefully selected each of our suppliers, and when it comes to Josep, nothing could make us work with anyone else.

"We are Eco-Warriors at heart." Corin, Founder.

What we fight? Mindless consuming & business practices like plastic wrapped plastic, unethical labor of the pourest, pyramidal financial sistems (Flagships in Berlin, paying taxes in Ireland and producing in Bangladesh…) AND above all Co2 emissions.

What we defend? Clever ecological practices, local businesses, growing forests and anilmal life, Education to gratitude and selflove, slow consuming, Mindfulness.

What we do? Transparency, education, ethical sourcing, and offsetting our annual Co2 emissions by planting trees. Our packagings are simple, wellthought and made of recycled carton/paper. We are fancy, premium but humble by our generation responsibilities.